Unity is Strength!

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Work Together to Achieve Individual Ownership.

Bring Your Team and Each of You Can Become Owners!


No Middle Management

Less Management means more control for you and more money in your pocket.

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No Rate Sheet

Tired of what is hidden on the backend? Be in control of your income.

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Have a Piece of the Pie

Our Loan Officers and Leaders earn a vested interest in the company. Not just stock options, K-1 level ownership!

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Don't Be a Pawn!

Take Control of Your Commissions.

Clearly the Right Choice!

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You Control Your Future with These Three Qualifiers:

File Quality

You Benefit from Your Hard Work! Earn up to 1% of Company Ownership Each Year!

Choose Freedom!

The great American experiment of freedom has attracted freedom loving people from around the world like hungry kids to the dinner bell. Today, we have the most American of all mortgage companies doing the same thing with Loan Officers nationwide.
Clear Mortgage gives more transparency, freedom and control to LOs and Branches than any other company in history PERIOD!